Normally known as bio printing in medical terms is one of the most advanced technical aspect and help doctors to treat the patients differently. It helps the pharmaceutical companies to manufacture specific drugs which can be used to cure particular disease easily and in most advanced manner. Ultimate aim of the 2D printed implants is to produce the replacement organ for human which is affected. These 3d imprints help doctors to save many human lives in critical missions. It helps them to address the critical issues.

Some implants are permanent things and some of the implants can be removed after some time when there is no need for them to be present. For example, stents and hips are permanent implants and they should not be removed and chemotherapy ports and screws can be removed when they no longer required. Some of the commercially available 3D printed implant India is implants such as cranial plates or hip joints, external prostheses and instrumentation.

3D printing process can be accomplished using any of the different techniques and choice of the technology depends on the final usage and the requirement. There are lots of advanced technologies being researched and more advance features and ways will take place in coming years.