• Cranial Implant India
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  • Cranial Implant India
  • Cranial Implant India
  • Cranial Implant India
  • Skull Implant South India
  • Cranial Implant India
  • Cranial Implant India
  • Cranial Implant India
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About us


Medicad Implants is a state of the art technology firm specialized in providing customized solutions for hard tissue replacement. We are a synergy of motivated and experienced Engineers, Medical Practitioners and Designers striving to help surgeons provide cranial implant india for their patients.

Skull injury as a result of tumor, decompressive trauma, infections or fractures from road accidents can be a life altering event. In addition to the physical changes that such an injury may bring, it could also lead to Psychological stress affecting the persons day to day activities.

At MediCAD cranial implant india, Our goal is to reshape lives and instill a new breath of confidence in taruma injury and ortho oncology patients. Our highly skilled team of Technologist and Designers, with constant consultation from reputed surgeons have applied the best in technology to develop lasting solutions for neurosurgical, craniomaxillofacial and orthopedic applications. Our ExaFITT & AccuFITT line of customized patient specific implants provides superior fit and excellent aesthetics for defect corrections.

The Patient Specific Way
  • Complex geometry
  • Quick scan to surgery time
  • 85% reduced surgical time
  • Better anatomical fit
  • Reduced blood loss
  • Reduced infection rate
  • Better anatomical fit
  • ExaFITT Advantage
  • Made of Inert material
  • Lightweight and autoclavable
  • Radio-opaque
  • Non-magnetic
  • Highly cost competitive
  • Good mechanical properties
  • MediCAD News
    Cranioplasty South India Medicad designs the first indigenous 3D printed titanium skull flap replacement.
    Cranial Implant India Road accident patient’s life is saved by PMMA cranial implant made by Medicad Implants.
    Cranioplasty South India Medicad Implants develop lightweight porous titanium implant using metal 3D printing.
    Cranial Implant India Customized cranial helmets being designed by Medicad Implants for Craniosynostosis.

    Patient Specific Implant

    “Patient specific” Technology is one of the latest development in the medical field aimed at providing more accurate and lasting healthcare to patients. It synergically ties the medical imaging techniques with reverse engineering and rapid manufacturing concepts long being used in Aerospace and automobile fields to provide a unique solution on a case by case basis.

    Any implant or prosthetic that has employed this technology is called a Patient Specific Implant. The main intent of using a PSI is to mimic the concerned patient’s anatomy and function rather than using a standard of-the-shelf implant.

    Cranial Implant India


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    Cranial Implant India

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    Cranial Implant India

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    Cranial Implant India

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    Cranial Implant India

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